How to cook gurnard sous vide

How to cook gurnard sous vide

How to cook gurnard sous vide

Gurnard is an underrated fish often overlooked in favour of more popular species such as cod, sea bass and turbot. This means that the price per kilo is significantly lower than these other fish and it is also a much more sustainable choice. Gurnard is full of flavour and benefits from being cooked sous vide because all the moisture is retained during cooking.

Preheat the water bath to 53°C
Prepare the gurnard and cut into individual portions
Season with salt and place each piece of fish in a separate vacuum bag with a little olive oil and seal under pressure
Place the bags in the preheated water bath to cook for 30 minutes
Remove the fish from the bags and pat dry with kitchen paper before serving
Alternatively you can finish the gurnard in a hot frying pan for 30 seconds to crisp up the skin of the fish


For extra flavour, try adding various herbs and spices to the bag; try thyme, rosemary and garlic or lemon zest.

You can use butter in place of oil for a richer flavour; beurre noisette complements the flavour of the fish particularly well.

Serving suggestion

Gurnard is most commonly associated with bouillabaisse but is delicious in its own right. Paul Foster serves Roast Gurnard with Brussels sprouts leaves and winter mushrooms.