How to cook chicken wings sous vide

When wings are coated, cover and leave in the fridge

How to cook chicken wings sous vide

by Great British Chefs19 October 2015

How to cook chicken wings sous vide

Chicken wings are a cheap cut but are full of flavour and are a great finger food for a family gathering or party. Chicken wings benefit from being cooked sous vide as the low temperature and long cooking time gives a tender, moist result.




Preheat the water bath to 75°C
Using a sharp, heavy knife, cut off the wing tips and discard
Season the remaining wings with salt and add to a vacuum bag with the oil and seal
Cook for 7 hours
The chicken wings can now be pan fried to crisp up the skin


Add crushed chillies or chopped herbs to the salt to introduce flavours to the bag.

The chicken wings can be deep-fried for an all over crispy skin and then tossed in barbecue sauce for an American twist or chilli sauce for a bit of a kick.

Serving suggestions

Paul Ainsworth serves his chicken wings with a velvety Pumpkin velouté, apples and almonds. William Drabble’s Chicken wings with gnocchi, morels, asparagus and chicken emulsion are a really luxurious treat and Dominic Chapman keeps things simple in his Sticky chicken wings recipe.

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