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How to cook Brussels sprouts sous vide

How to cook Brussels sprouts sous vide

Brussels sprouts have a terrible reputation but mainly because they are often horribly overcooked. Cooking them sous vide guarantees an al dente texture every time, allowing the flavour to shine. Adding bacon to the bag before cooking adds salt and smokiness but the sprouts are just as tasty if you leave it out.


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Preheat the water bath to 85°C
Fry the bacon in a little vegetable oil until crisp then add the garlic and cook gently for a couple of minutes. Leave to cool
Vacuum pack the cold bacon and Brussels sprouts with a grind of black pepper and place in the water bath for 1 hour
Once cooked, plunge the bag into iced water to cool rapidly and prevent further cooking or serve immediately


To caramelise the sprouts, toss them in some foaming butter in a hot pan for 5 minutes.


Stir some diced, cooked chestnuts through the sprouts at the last minute for a great festive accompaniment to roast turkey.

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How to cook Brussels sprouts sous vide


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