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Grand slam: Roger Federer and Davide Oldani

Grand slam: Roger Federer and Davide Oldani

by Great British Chefs 03 July 2018

See what happened when the master of tennis met the master of Italian cooking – and why Barilla brought the duo together.

You might have seen the occasional image of Roger Federer plating up a dish of pasta on our site in the past few weeks. That’s because he’s become a brand ambassador for Barilla as part of the family-owned pasta producer’s ‘Masters of Pasta’ initiative. Joining Roger is Davide Oldani, the Michelin-starred chef of D’O restaurant in Milan, who takes the simple dishes enjoyed daily by Italians and elevates them to new heights through expert technique and an in-depth knowledge of the country’s regional cuisine.

With Wimbledon in full swing, Roger is hoping to retain his title and win the men’s singles for the ninth time. This is why Barilla chose him as an ambassador – he is number one in his field, as is Barilla in the world of pasta. Roger has always enjoyed good Italian food (as does everyone), and his dedication to eating well and being the best he can be are values shared by Barilla. However, as you’ll see in the video below, chef Davide Oldani doesn’t pull any punches when they start cooking together.

As a family-owned company, Barilla has grown from a small bread and pasta shop in Parma in 1877 to become the world’s number one pasta brand (read more about its history here). Used by everyone from home cooks to Michelin-starred chefs, it is responsible for turning pasta into one of the most popular foods in existence.

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Grand slam: Roger Federer and Davide Oldani


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