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Creative cooking for the home chef

Creative cooking for the home chef

by Great British Chefs 02 July 2015

Get creative with your cooking at home with fantastic recipes from Great British Chefs and specialist equipment from SousVide Tools and Essential Cuisine.

If you’ve been inspired by the plethora of food programmes that grace our television screens on an almost daily basis, Great British Chefs is the perfect place to find recipes for restaurant quality dishes. For those looking to recreate a fine dining-style plate, you’re likely to need some specialist equipment and ingredients – and these are becoming more readily available for the aspiring home chef.

From sous vide machines, which allow you to cook in a temperature-controlled water bath, to professional standard knives and mixers, each recipe brings its own challenges, but kitting yourself out with all the latest kitchen technology isn’t as difficult (or expensive) as it once was.

The sous vide method has been the preserve of professional kitchens up until relatively recently, but now companies like SousVide Tools are producing affordable water baths for use at home. The possibilities of sous vide cooking are endless – from fruit and vegetables, to meat and fish – just seal the food in a vacuum bag and set the temperature of the water bath. Cooked slowly at low temperatures, food becomes tender without losing its colour, nutrients, and texture. See what you can create at home with our Sous Vide Collection.

Producing stocks and sauces is an everyday occurrence in a high end restaurant kitchen, but can take as long to make as the final recipe itself. Help is at hand with Essential Cuisine’s range of stocks, glaces, gravies, jus and sauces – which give perfect results both in the professional and home kitchen. For those who like to use the very best ingredients, there is no need to compromise when cooking with pre-prepared stock and there is a considerable range to choose from. Luke Holder’s Bishopstoke Farm lamb with sous vide vegetables is the perfect dish to use Essential Cuisine stock, with his braised lamb kept light in flavour by using chicken stock, rather than lamb or beef.

SousVide Tools and Essential Cuisine are currently developing a range of exclusive rubs and sauces that provide great flavour and are also ideal for sous vide cooking – watch out for their release later in the year.

If you’re a creative home chef who wants to take their cooking to the next level, we have an amazing competition from SousVide Tools and Essential Cuisine. Enter now to win prizes including a SousVide Supreme Water Oven and Vacuum Sealer, over £300 worth of Essential Cuisine stocks and sauces, plus personalised chef whites.

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Creative cooking for the home chef


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