Scott Goss

Scott Goss

‘After an emotional move and a stint at Chapel Down while everything was being finalised, we opened The Twenty Six and The Beacon,’ says Scott. ‘Launching two venues in the same year was absolutely crazy, but we’re a year in now and it’s been fantastic. We were even chatting with the guys from Michelin in September, who said some very encouraging things.’

Scott became executive chef at The Twenty Six, in Tunbridge Wells, as well as executive chef at The Beacon and The Swan. This was where his simple yet confident cooking style came to the fore, where the ingredients could speak for themselves. He remained here until the end of 2018, shortly after appearing on Great British Menu, to open his own solo restaurant in nearby Tonbridge – Verdigris.

‘The question was always niggling me – could I do something on my own?’ he says. ‘There was nowhere in Tonbridge that was offering what we wanted to do, but then you think there might be a bloody good reason for that! Regardless, we gave it a go and I absolutely love the site – you have the castle overlooking us and we’re right next to the river. So far, it’s going really well.’

With a 1920s aesthetic, impressive cocktail bar and a menu full of modern British dishes with plenty of familiar, nostalgic flavours, Verdigris has quickly become a reason to visit the Kentish market town. ‘Half of the offering here is the bar – we’re not just a restaurant,’ Scott explains. ‘I was super excited about that, and working alongside Jim is fantastic – we’ve known each other for years so working together comes naturally. Sometimes I think we’re getting ahead of ourselves creatively but letting that energy flow is great, and I feel we’ve really come into our own in terms of the food and drink.’

Scott continues to cook food in his signature style, taking familiar ingredients and dishes but elevating them into something refined, interesting, nostalgic and often playful. 'I might be in a new restaurant but it doesn't mean my food is going to radically change,' he says. 'I guess the main difference here is that it's my own restaurant – there's nowhere to hide; no excuses if something isn't right. But I love that.'

Three things you should know

Scott was named Chef of The Year 2019 in the Kent Life Magazine Food and Drink Awards.

Scott competed in the 2018 series of Great British Menu, representing London and the South East.

Scott is involved with Pilot Light, a campaign which aims to tackle mental health issues in the hospitality industry.