Trotters are an underused cut of meat with a unique texture. Adam Stokes challenging recipe carefully prepares the meat to produce delicious fritters that will provide a gorgeous starter or light lunch. Serve with a thick slice of granary bread

Take the whole trotters and seal in a vacuum packing bag with beef stock, lemon grass, garlic and thyme. Cook in a water bath at 71.5°C for 16 hours
Alternative to vacuum pack
If you do not have access to a vacuum pack device you can use a strong re-sealable bag to seal the protein, fruit or vegetable that needs to be exposed to a water bath. Press out as much air as possible and use a straw to remove more air at the final stages to create as tight a vacuum as possible
Open the bag and take the trotter out of the bag being careful to reserve the liquor. Remove the trotter skin and slice into Julienne strips
Alternative to a water bath
If you do not have access to a water bath, use an ice box to insulate the water. Fill the ice box with hot water and using cold water and a thermometer, adjust the temperature to the desired cooking temperature. The insulation will maintain the temperature for up to 6 hours, however it is worth checking the temperature every hour to allow for change in variables. Use additional hot water or cold water to adjust accordingly
Finely dice the carrot and celery, add to the trotter slices in a bowl. Add 150ml of the reserved cooking liquor and season with lemon and salt. Store in a half gallon tub in the fridge- the natural gelatine in the meat will set the mixture
Turn the mixture out onto a board and cut into cubes, roll in flour, dip in egg wash, then into breadcrumbs. Repeat the flour, egg, crumb cycle then refrigerate uncovered overnight
Remove the cubes from the fridge and deep-fry at 180˚C for 3 minutes or until golden brown. Serve with crusty bread and black pudding
Deep fat fryer substitution
If you don’t have a deep-fat fryer, pour oil (use oil with a high smoking point like sunflower or walnut oil) into a large pan up to a third full. Once the oil reaches 180ºC - or a cube of white bread browns after 40 seconds - it is ready to use. Note: hot oil can be very dangerous, take care
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  1. Sous vide bags
  2. Water bath
  3. Deep fat fryer

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Adam Stokes shares a fantastic starter of pigs trotters - deep fried and served in fritters

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