This wondrous slow-cooked duck legs recipe from Dominic Chapman is nicely complemented by peas, bacon and mint. Curing the duck will ensure the meat retains a great flavour but will take some preparation, so plan ahead

To start the slow-cooked duck, break down and bruise the garlic and place into a large bowl with the thyme and bay. Mix thoroughly with the salt, before adding the duck legs and mixing again
Place the duck and curing mix into a suitable container or resealable bag and leave in the fridge for up to 24 hours
Remove the duck legs from the salt, rinse under cold water and pat dry with kitchen towel - the rinsing will ensure the duck is not too salty
Place the legs into large pan and cover with the duck fat. Place on a medium heat and bring to a very gently simmer. Reduce to a gentle heat and cook for 1 1/2 hours or until tender to touch
Remove the pan from the heat, take the duck legs out of the fat and place onto a tray to cool. Once cool, remove the knuckle and trim the skin off the bottom of the drumstick. Place on a baking tray, skin side down, until required
Removing the knuckle from poultry and game legs
Using a the heel end of a large chefs knife or cleaver, hold the leg firmly on the chopping board with your other hand. Firmly strike through end of the bone in the drumstick to remove 1-2cm off the end of the leg. This will expose the end of the bone and enhance the final presentation of the dish
For the pea, lettuce and bacon garnish, bring a large pot of salted water to the boil. Cut the baby gem lettuce in half and remove most of the root, making sure that the lettuce remains intact. Place the lettuce into the boiling water for 1 minute, remove and place into ice water
In a large pan, fry the diced bacon on a medium heat until golden. Remove the bacon from the pan and keep in a warm place until required
Increase the heat, add the butter and and small dash of water, stirring to emulsify in the pan. Add the lettuce and cook until just tender, but still green
Next, add the peas, spring onions and return the bacon to the pan and cook for 2 minutes. Strain off any excess liquid, season to taste and add the fresh mint to finish
Heat the oven to 180˚C/gas mark 4 and place the duck legs in for 15-20 minutes, or until they are golden and the skin is crispy
Remove the duck legs from the oven. Place on a bed of the hot peas, lettuce and bacon and serve immediately
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Gressingham duck legs are slow cooked and served with bacon, peas and mint in this elegant duck leg recipe from Dominic Chapman. This recipe tastes as good as it looks

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