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Dominic Chapman

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Seasonality and quality are key to Dominic Chapman when it comes to sourcing his ingredients. He has an arsenal of trusted suppliers, accrued over his many years of working in the industry, and will often alter his seasonal menus from day to day according to their recommendations to ensure his customers are getting the very best ingredients. Fish is a particular love of the chef – a legacy, perhaps, from his Kensington Palace days – and since taking over The Beehive Dominic Chapman has expanded the menu’s seafood repertoire. When in season, expect Crab linguine with chilli and mint or Halibut on cockle risotto along with classics such as generous bowls of moules frites.

As a self-confessed traveller at heart Dominic Chapman has a love of world cuisine, with Indian food holding particular significance. Every year the chef travels to India and spends two weeks cooking in the kitchen of an existing restaurant, and, from experiencing the sheer number of different dishes an Indian restaurant will traditionally have to cook, he has huge admiration for the Indian chefs he works under. Dominic Chapman is particularly interested in Indian food in the context of British culture – especially given that there are only a handful of Michelin starred Indian restaurants in Britain despite it being so deeply ingrained in our culture. In light of this discrepancy he regularly gives talks and masterclasses to Indian chefs, providing advice on the food industry on a practical level, including advice on cooking at a Michelin-star level.

As a chef Dominic Chapman is a people-pleaser, not an egotist. He does not want to shock his customers with avant-garde molecular creations. He rather surprises them with dishes they thought couldn’t taste so deliciously fresh. His cooking philosophy – were he the sort of person to have one – is simple: “It’s all got to be delicious, it’s all got to have that little love and passion in each and every dish, and that’s what’s got to shine through.”