This elegant salad recipe from Greg Malouf could be served as a starter, accompaniment to a main or even as a light lunch. This vibrant salad hails from the Iranian city of Shiraz. Greg serves the restaurant version with an array of edible organic flowers. You can do the same, being sure to use organic, pesticide-free blooms such as viola, pansies, dahlias and sweet pea flowers

To make this salad recipe, combine the vegetables, mixed salad leaves and herbs in a large mixing bowl
Whisk the lime juice and oil together and drizzle over the salad
To serve the salad Shirazi, toss the salad together gently and season with salt and pepper
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Salad Shirazi


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Greg Malouf shares a simple salad recipe with Great British Chefs. This salad shirazi should be eaten in the summer, when the vegetables in the recipe are at their best