This recipe comes straight from the menu at The Berkeley - Marcus Wareing's flagship restaurant - and is a classic after-dinner mint and chocolate combination. You can keep any spare bon-bons for up to a week somewhere cool, but not in the fridge

Place the fondant and water into a bowl. Warm over a bain marie until smooth, do not let the temperature of the chocolate exceed 32°C
Remove from the heat and add the peppermint and the lemon juice. Fill the dark chocolate truffle shells with the fondant until full
Leave for about 1 hour at 15°C until the exposed fondant has crystallised
Now join each shell half together and cap with the melted dark chocolate. Leave to set again
Finally, roll the bon-bons in the melted chocolate and then in the neige décor to finish
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  1. Thermometer
  2. Bain marie

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Marcus Wareing's bon-bon recipe recreates the classic chocolate and mint combination, presenting a spectacular mint chocolate burst at the end of a meal.

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