Marcus Wareing

Marcus Wareing

Marcus Wareing

Marcus' meticulous style is as much about applying imaginative good taste to ingredients as dazzling technique. His cuisine marries the classic with the contemporary, resulting in dishes that feel refined but humble at the same time.

Despite his immense success – after all, this is a man who has cooked custard tart for the Queen on Great British Menu – he still maintains the same relentlessly dedicated work ethic he learnt from his father. He is usually in the office at Marcus by 8.30am, dividing his time throughout the day between business meetings, tastings and services. Marcus is still a presence in the kitchen too, but these days he spends most of his time on the other side of the pass, providing guidance to a talented collection of young head chefs.

With an impressive cluster of accolades and a notable television career, Marcus has managed to become a true household name – no easy feat for any chef. And even after all these years, it seems he will remain on our screens and our bookshelves for a long time yet.

Three things you need to know

Marcus was the chef consultant for the film Burnt, starring Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller.

Marcus' older brother Brian is also a chef, and his son Jake often joins him in the kitchen at Marcus.

Marcus grew up as a keen boxer and still has a huge passion for the sport.

A tale of two restuarants