Learn how to make choux pastry at home with this easy to follow video from Great British Chefs.

Choux pastry is a great technique to learn, not only is it simple to make, it is a very versitile pastry to use in canapes or desserts. Choux pastry can be used for sweet or savoury dishes such as Martin Wishart's savoury choux buns or Paul Heathcote's profiteroles with passion fruit cream and chocolate sauce. Remember when making choux pastry to carefully weigh out all the ingredients and follow the method or the results may not be so promising. 
Melt the butter and water
Sift the flour onto greaseproof paper
Add the flour and beat with a wooden spoon until combined
Once the mixture is cool, add the beaten egg in small additions
Slowly add the egg, until a smooth dough forms
Spoon the mixture onto a lined baking tray
Take a little water on the end of your finger and smooth down any peaks, then add to the oven to bake
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