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Davidstow cheddar

Davidstow cheddar

Award-winning Davidstow cheddar cheese is the pride of Cornwall; used in cooking or served on its own, it is famed for its intense nutty flavour and creamy finish.

The lush, green fields of north Cornwall are perfect dairy country due to the gentle, year-round rain and warm summers. It is here that Davidstow® cheddar has been produced for over sixty years using milk sourced from 400 local farms within a fifty-mile radius. The freshest possible milk is turned into cheese that is then aged for a minimum of twelve months over which time the distinct nutty Davidstow® flavour has a chance to develop.

Davidstow® cheddars are endorsed by local Michelin-starred chef, Nathan Outlaw who regularly features them on his menu and cheese board. As a champion of Cornish produce, he is a proud supporter of his local farmers and the brilliant cheeses they produce and his inspired recipes include Cheddar scones with pickled celery and grilled figs, Crab and cheddar tart and Watercress soup with cheddar cheese toasties.

The three cheeses vary in their maturity; the mature cheddar or Cornish Classic is aged for twelve months, the extra mature cheddar or Cornish Crackler is aged for eighteen months and the Three Year Reserve Special Vintage cheddar, as the name would suggest, is matured for a minimum of three years. The longer the cheese is matured the stronger and more complex the flavours, so this is the ultimate cheddar in the Davidstow® collection and boasts an unrivalled taste experience. In fact, in a recent blind tasting by cheese experts for Which? Magazine, the Davidstow® Three Year Reserve Special Vintage received the highest score and was voted the overall best buy.