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Canada: a culinary paradise

Canada: a culinary paradise

by Great British Chefs 09 September 2016
Discover Canada’s incredible food and drink, the best restaurants to visit if you’re in the country and some delicious recipes that perfectly encapsulate what makes Canadian cuisine so great.

Even if you take away the awe-inspiring landscapes, rich wildlife and laidback way of life, Canada’s still got a lot going for it. The country’s food scene is reason enough to book a trip, with incredible restaurants turning urban centres such as Montréal and more remote locations like Labrador into must-visit culinary hotspots.

There’s the French-influenced cuisine of Québec, the Jewish delis of Montréal and native ingredients such as world-class seafood, foraged wild herbs, expertly cured meats and international delicacies of all kinds. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Destination Canada to bring you unparalleled guides, recipes, first-hand accounts and in-depth features that bring to life the country’s amazing food.

Whether you’re looking to create a taste of Canada in your own home or trying to plan a food-focused trip to the country, everything you could possibly need to know is right below. From a foodie guide to Winnipeg to the history of how multiculturalism has influenced regional cuisine, you’ll be an expert in the country’s culinary prowess in no time.

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