Seafood stew with mussels and shrimp


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Clean the mussels well with a clean hard brush and cold water. Combine the cleaned mussels with 570ml of the stock in a large saucepan. Bring to the boil and steam until opened, approximately 2-4 minutes. Strain the cooking liquor through a fine strainer into a jug and set aside
  • 1000g of mussels
  • 570ml of chicken stock, or vegetable stock
Remove the mussels from their shells, saving 4 of the nicest shells for decoration. Store in the fridge until required
Wash the lentils well and add to a pan with the shallot and the remainder of the stock. Cook on a gentle boil until soft, approximately 8-12 minutes, then drain well and season to taste
Meanwhile, place the potatoes in cold water and cook on a gentle boil until tender. Strain and set aside
Reduce the cooking liquor from the mussels by half, then add the crevettes to the liquid and poach for 3 minutes, until cooked through. Once cooked, add the samphire, spinach and wild garlic leaves to the warm liquid, followed by the potatoes
To serve, place the lentils on the bottom of each dish and use a slotted spoon to arrange the seafood, potatoes and vegetables on top. Lastly, add the potted shrimp, followed by the hot cooking liquor. Serve immediately
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