Master stock pork ribs with honey, soy and ginger dressing

These sticky ribs from Scott Hallsworth are cooked in master stock, an impressive-sounding name for a secretly very simple stock. This recipe uses Amoy's dark soy sauce, so that the ribs have a beautiful burnished brown colour. The ribs can be cooked a day ahead - just leave them in the stock overnight and then barbecue on the day.

First published in 2024




Master stock

Soy-mirin glaze

Honey-soy-ginger dressing


  • Barbecue
  • Cooking thermometer



Add all the master stock ingredients to a pan and bring to a simmer. Cook for 1 hour


Add the pork ribs to the master stock

  • 1kg pork ribs, cut into large, individual pieces

Cook at just below a simmer for 1 hour 30 minutes


Remove from the heat and let the ribs cool down in the master stock for at least an hour


Mix together the ingredients for the soy-mirin glaze


For the dressing, warm the honey gently, and then add in the remaining dressing ingredients and stir to combine


Heat a salamander grill or charcoal barbecue until very hot


Cook the ribs on the barbecue or under the salamander and until coloured, about 2–3 minutes


Turn the ribs over and start to brush over some of the soy-mirin glaze. Continue brushing and turning the ribs until you have achieved a shiny glaze


Place the glazed ribs on a serving platter and dress with a generous amount of the dressing. Top with the freshly toasted black and white sesame seeds and spring onion

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As head chef at the acclaimed Nobu for six years, Australian-born Scott Hallsworth has mastered the ins and outs of Japanese cuisine, which he now showcases in his fun, playful dishes at Freak Scene.

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