Duck ragu


First published in 2015
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Duck legs

Ragu sauce

Season the duck legs and lightly rub with olive oil. Place on a baking tray and cook at 180˚C/gas mark 4 for 40 minutes. The idea is to have moist slow cooked duck and if the meat is not quite yet tender return to the oven for a further 10 minutes. Remove the legs from the oven and leave to rest for a few minutes
Pick and cut the meat from the bone using two forks. Set the meat to one side and lightly season - reserve the fat and skin
Place a wide pan over a low heat. Add a little of the reserved duck fat and then sweat the onion, garlic and celery. Then, add the tomato purée and cook for 2 minutes
Add the oregano, thyme and wine and turn up the heat. Reduce the sauce by half and then add the tomatoes and duck meat. Turn down the heat and leave to simmer for 15 minutes
Meanwhile, in a large pot, cook the pasta in salted boiling water until al-dente. Then, toss the hot pasta with the ragu
To serve, divide the duck ragu into 2 serving bowls and top with grated parmesan, chopped parsley and the reserved duck skin. Serve immediately
First published in 2015
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