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How to work with filo pastry

by Great British Chefs8 December 2014

How to work with filo pastry

Filo can be quite hard to work with, as it can tear easily or become dry. When practising this technique it is necessary to cover the unused filo sheets with a damp cloth. To bind the filo sheet together, melted butter is commonly used, but flavourless oil can be a substitue, but remember to brush each sheet liberally with butter to make it easy to shape. Practice this technique using Alyn Williams' chicken christmas cracker or Paul Ainsworth's raspberry meringue pie.


Brush a sheet of filo with melted butter
Lay another sheet on top and brush with melted butter
Repeat the layering process until finished
Pile your filling into the middle
Carefully lift the sides to encase the filling. Make sure not to tear the pastry
Squeeze to close the top to cover the filling completely and brush the outside with melted butter

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