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How to slice fish for carpaccio

by Great British Chefs8 December 2014

How to slice fish for carpaccio

Carpaccio is a dish of thinly sliced, raw meat or fish, usually made from beef, venison, scallop or fish.

It is important to slice the fish very finely as it will be served raw. Most fresh fish can be used for carpaccio; oily fish such as tuna and salmon or white fish such as sea bass are particularly well suited for serving raw.

When making a fish carpaccio, make sure that the fish is very fresh, and the skin and bones have been removed.

Place the head end of the fillet to the right hand side of the board
Start with the heel of the knife and gently drag to cut a small piece of the fillet
Ensure to maintain the angle of the fish and support the fillet with your free hand
Arrange the slices on the plate, slightly overlapping until the plate is covered
Finish with your chosen garnish and dressing

Serving suggestions

Practice this technique with Robert Thompson’s Sea bass carpaccio or Gary Jones’ Scallop and tuna ceviche.

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