How to deglaze a pan

How to deglaze a pan

How to deglaze a pan

by Great British Chefs6 May 2015

The delicious caramelised bits left on the bottom of the pan after cooking meat melt into the added liquid so no flavour is wasted. This is also the way to start a gravy after roasting meat for a Sunday lunch.

When finished using the pan remove the contents and set aside
Return pan to the hob and turn the heat to high
When the bits in the pan begin to sizzle, pour in enough stock, water or wine to cover the bottom of the pan and bring to boil
Using a wooden spoon, scrape the caramelised solids away from the base then remove from the heat
Add more liquid to create a sauce or reserve the deglazing for later use


When making gravy, remove the joint from the roasting tray and place the tray directly on the hob over a high heat and proceed as above.

Do not deglaze the pan if it the crispy bits are burnt as this will give a bitter flavour to your sauce or stew.

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