SushiSushi: the home of Japanese flavours


by Great British Chefs 2 September 2021

The absolute best of Japanese artisanal products are painstakingly sourced by SushiSushi's Stuart Turner, who travels the length and breadth of Japan to seek out truly world-class ingredients. Get to know a bit more about him and his business, before watching him talk to the country's top chefs to find out how they use his discoveries in their dishes.

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The Japanese are revered for their ability to take something and refine it into the best possible version of itself. It could be jeans, it could be electronics, it could be punk music – but it's the seriously evolved approach to artisanal food production that really sets the country apart. Seemingly simple products such as soy sauce, mirin, charcoal for barbecues and rice have been painstakingly improved upon through generations, pushing Japanese cuisine along with it at the same time. Getting your hands on these products can be tricky, however – they're rarely seen outside of the country and it's hard to know who to turn to for advice. SushiSushi is a business which solves both those problems – as an online shop for the public and supplier to the best restaurants in the UK, the products it sells are the best of the best and perfect for those who want to experience the very best of Japanese cookery.

The business' founder Stuart Turner (or 'Sushi Stu') regularly travels to Japan to discover new exciting things to bring back to the UK. Those same products which he supplies to top chefs are also available to home cooks, making him a one-stop shop for the best Japan has to offer. Read more about what he sources below, watch him talk to top chefs and get planning your shopping list.

SushiSushi: the story

After falling in love with the punchy flavours and deeply evolved culinary scene of Japan, Stuart Turner felt he needed to bring some of it back with him to the UK. Read more about how his journey and how he went from selling sushi moulds from his flat to supplying the very best chefs in the UK.

SushiSushi TV

To celebrate our partnership with SushiSushi, founder Sushi Stu has curated an exclusive selection of his most-loved ingredients and those favoured by his Michelin-starred customers – available to buy now with 15% off for friends of Great British Chefs using the code GBCHEFS15 at checkout. Visit SushiSushi's shop here.