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Lee Kum Kee

Lee Kum Kee

Discover Lee Kum Kee's range of sauces and dressings, and how they can be used in your home cooking.

The UK certainly has an appetite for international cuisine. With Italian, Turkish, Thai, Indian and Mexican restaurants lining our high streets, there’s never been a better time to experience the flavours of the world. But it’s Chinese cooking that always seems to capture our hearts the most, and more of us are cooking dishes from the vast country at home.

Lee Kum Kee produces a range of sauces, dressings and oils that make recreating the flavours of China easier than ever. Whether you’re short on time or find long lists of ingredients a bit daunting, the products are designed to be quick and simple to use, without sacrificing on authentic flavour. Take a look below at the recipes and features we’ve put together in partnership with Lee Kum Kee and get inspired.

Authentic flavours

Party time!

Cooking with Ken

Ken Hom opened the eyes of a nation to the beauty of Chinese cuisine. Fire up your wok and cook one of his classic dishes – stir-fried cucumber!

Taste of summer

A beginner's guide to Chinese barbecue

Know the difference between char siu and shaokao? What about the cumin-flavoured lamb skewers of Xinjiang? Get to know why Chinese barbecue has become a global sensation and how you can recreate the flavours at home.

Barbecuing with Lee Kum Kee

Aw, shucks!

We love grilling corn – it's the best way to finish this humble veg, giving it a gorgeous toasty, nutty finish. Michael Bremner takes things to the next level by brushing his ears with chilli oil-infused butter. Once you've tried it, you'll never go back.

The magic of oyster sauce

Soy sauce: all you need to know

Not all soy sauce is the same, and knowing your light from your dark can make all the difference to your cooking. Get the low-down on this fantastic condiment with our complete guide.

The joys of soy