A taste of Korea

by Great British Chefs 20 September 2021

Discover all things great and good about Korea's food and drink, including Korean recipes, features on Korean cuisine and guides on the products and ingredients that make Korean food world-class.

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Korea gave the culinary world the gift of kimchi – that alone is enough to ensure the country's cuisine is forever held in high regard. But when it comes to food and drink, the fermented cabbage condiment only scratches the surface. Dig a little deeper and you'll discover one of the most fascinating cuisines and food scenes, filled with in-your-face flavours, unbeatable street food, time-honoured cooking techniques and a whole culture that's practically centred around eating and drinking.

From the bustling metropolis of Seoul which sees ancient temples sit next to neon-lit skyscrapers, to the majestic mountain ranges against a backdrop of coastline in Busan, Korea is a country of contrasting landscapes and ways of living. What brings everything together however is the Korean people's love of good food. Traditional products such as gochujang, doenjang and of course kimchi are now used by chefs and home cooks the world over, while more modern obsessions such as fried chicken and street food bites oozing with cheese prove that Korean chefs welcome influences and innovation wherever they can. Whether you're looking to delve into the flavours of Korea in your own kitchen or fancy learning more about the country for a potential trip, read on for a taste of what the country has to offer.

The best of Korea

Korean food: an introduction


The UK might have Harvest Festival, Americans might have Thanksgiving, but in Korea there's Chuseok, an autumnal celebration to commemorate ancestors and, of course, indulge in plenty of food and drink. Learn more about the event and what's on the menu throughout the festivities.

Kimchi: a global obsession

Gochujang: a paste with punch

Want to add fiery, spicy, umami depth to a dish? Gochujang is the answer. This bright red paste made from fermented chillies and soybeans is used with abandon in Korean cooking – take a look at our recipe collection to see why.

Korean classics

Korea's best food markets

From bustling fish markets to stall after stall of street food, the markets of South Korea are some of the most exciting in the world. Here are our favourites.