Five must-try beers from Alberta, Canada

5 must-try beers from Alberta, Canada

by Great British Chefs 9 August 2017

Heading to Alberta for your holidays? Here's a selection of the best beers found in the province made by some of Canada’s finest craft breweries.

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Head into one of Canada's many bars right now and you’ll be greeted by a new wave of craft beers, using hops from all over the world, specialist malts and exotic new strains of yeast to create flavours never seen before in beer. It's a phenomenon that's happening all over the world, but it's in places like Canada that craft beer is viewed in the same esteemed light as fine wine.

On his recent trip to Alberta, Canada, Stuart Forster spent a lot of time discovering the breweries at the forefront of the province’s craft beer movement. Spending time with head brewers and the people who frequent the taprooms and bars bringing their beer to the masses, he found out how and why these micro-producers are pushing the boundaries of beer. Of course, that meant drinking plenty of what was on offer – here are some of his favourites from his time in Alberta.

1. Cakeface (5.1%), Cold Garden Beverage Company


A malty, thick, Marzen-style lager from Calgary brewed with Madagascan vanilla beans. The result is a malt-laden initial hit followed by a flavour reminiscent of angel food cake. The extended lagering process ensures the beer stays light, crisp and refreshing.

2. Honest Paul IPA (6.5%), Brewster’s Brewing Company


The initial lightness and citrusy flavour gives way to a pleasantly balanced hoppiness in this Edmonton-brewed IPA. It’s a great choice for IPA lovers looking for something refreshing, or those who are not yet full converts to IPAs.

3. Great White Combine (5.6%), Ribstone Creek Brewery


A refreshing white IPA from Edgerton that’s beautifully crafted with hints of spice and multifaceted citrus tones. It’s easy to drink and has a clean finish, taking the best elements from Belgian wheat beers and tropical, fruit-forward IPAs.

4. Wraspberry Ale (4.5%), Wild Rose Brewery


Thousands of fresh juicy raspberries are thrown into every brew of this ale from Calgary’s Wild Rose Brewery. The result is a crisp, sweet ale with a slightly tart note. It’s an easy-drinking beer that’s best served chilled when the weather’s hot.

5. Dandy in the Underworld (5%), The Dandy Brewing Company


This lightly roasted Calgary-made oyster stout shares its name with a T Rex album and has hints of coffee and chocolate. As The Dandy Brewing Company’s flagship beer, it’s also their most popular – and with good reason.