Belvoir Farm

16 June 2022

The story of Belvoir Farm's famous cordial started at a farmhouse kitchen table in the mid-'80s, when every bottle was filled by hand. Now, they sell a range of premium soft drinks, all of them infused with natural flavours.

Belvoir Farm's drinks have long been considered the best way to enjoy the unique flavour of elderflower, which blooms from a hedgerow tree in sprays of aromatic white flowers. When Mary Manners - grandmother of Belvoir Farm's MD Peveral ('Pev') Manners - began steeping elderflowers at her kitchen table 40 years ago, she had no idea the business would grow into a much loved brand, which has expanded to include a range of naturally flavoured sparkling drinks and sodas. 

Belvoir Farm's drinks are delicious served straight up, but there are so many other ways to enjoy their natural fruit and flower flavours. Best enjoyed at peak freshness, they can be used in a variety of recipes. 

Belvoir Farm: The Story

Belvoir Farm is tucked away in the Leicestershire countryside in the Vale of Belvoir. Discover the story of this idyllic farm and how it grew from cottage industry to household name in just a few decades. 

Floral Fragrance

Try using elderflower cordial in place of simple syrup in cooling summer cocktails, add a dash to your cucumber pickle brine for a summery spin, or use it to macerate strawberries for a twist on an Eton mess. 

Glorious Glazes

Embrace the warmth and spice of Belvoir Farm's ginger beer to make a sticky reduced glaze for barbecued meats and racks of tender ribs, or reduce it to an intense, sticky glaze for tender pork cheeks. Check out our selection of recipes for year-round inspiration.