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Beyond chips: five ways to use your air-fryer

Beyond chips: five ways to use your air-fryer

Only using your air-fryer for chips? You’re missing a trick – take a look at what else you can cook using just a spoonful of oil.

As a nation, we’ve certainly become more health-conscious over the past few years. But it’s impossible to ignore one thing – deep-frying food generally makes it taste delicious. We might be incorporating more vegetables into our diet, cutting down on red meats or watching our portion sizes, but sometimes a plate of chips is just too good to resist.

Luckily, there’s a middle ground that allows us to eat things that taste deep-fried but with a fraction of the fat. Air-fryers like the Tefal ActiFry require just a spoonful of oil instead of the litres normally needed for a traditional deep-fat fryer, using air heated to 170°C rather than a big vat of oil. The small amount of oil is evenly spread over the ingredients, giving them that same deep-fried taste without the unhealthy downside.

While air-fryers are particularly good at cooking chips, they’re just as effective at cooking other meals. Unlike other hot air fryers, the Actifry's built-in paddle slowly rotates during cooking, so ingredients are evenly cooked throughout. Whether it’s a snack, a quick and healthy dinner or even dessert, air-frying is a surprisingly effective way to cook recipes to perfection with just a fraction of the oil normally needed. Here are just a few recipes to give you some inspiration.


Loaded chips

Skate cheeks

Sausage, fennel and beans

Apple crumble