George Farrugia

George Farrugia

George’s time as sous chef at Eric’s Brasserie Chavot saw the team gain a Michelin star and the restaurant quickly became one of the most popular in London. Rather than using this accolade as a stepping stone to becoming a head chef as quickly as possible, however, George stayed with Eric for the next four years, learning as much as possible from him and developing his own style. ‘Because I started cheffing quite late, I wanted to make sure my base was solid,’ says George. ‘That’s why I went to Koffmann’s in London, to get that classical training under my belt, and then after that Chavot took a more modern approach, so it was a great mix of experiences to have.’

After Brasserie Chavot, George headed up the kitchen at the Chelsea Arts Club for a while, before working with Eric Chavot once more as the head chef at Bob Bob Ricard. But it wasn’t until he arrived at Fenchurch Sky Garden that he really started to let his own style of cooking shine through on the menu. ‘Fenchurch was my food and my palate, but applying all the bases I’d gained over the years. To sum it up, I’d say my style is led by seasonal British ingredients but with Mediterranean flavours.’

During his tenure at Fenchurch, George also appeared in the 2020 series of Great British Menu, confirming his reputation for one of the UK’s rising culinary stars. He’s now looking forward to the next step of his career, and we can’t wait to see what he does next.

Three things you should know

George has a keen interest in game cookery and has been shooting and hunting with his father since childhood.

More recently, George has been exploring his Cypriot roots, incorporating ingredients from the island into his cooking.

George doesn't get back up to Manchester as much as he'd like to, but he's always championing the city's food scene.