This recipe takes the concept of a traditional gazpacho recipe and turns it on its head by reinventing the cold soup as a close cousin of a bloody mary or vodka cocktail. Cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers are blended together with vodka and spices to create this iced vodka gazpacho - a fabulous treat for yourself and friends on a balmy summers evening. Marcello Tully's chilled vodka gazpacho is a wonderful way to break the ice at your next dinner party

Put all the vegetables in a food processor or liquidiser and blitz to a pulp. Add all the remaining ingredients and blitz again
Place the pulp into a muslin cloth and gather up the corners, then tie with a piece of string
Transfer the muslin to the fridge - suspending it with a piece of string from the shelf (this will allow the liquid inside the muslin to gently seep through). Put a dish directly underneath to collect the liquid. Leave overnight
Fill each shot glass by a 1/3 with water and freeze - this will keep the gazpacho cool once served and add a frosted finish to the glass
Before serving, transfer the gazpacho liquid into a jug, giving it a very gentle stir. Pour some of the liquid on top of the ice in each of the shot glasses
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  1. Food processor or blender
  2. White muslin cloth
  3. Shot glasses

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Gazpacho gets an alcoholic reinvention in this gazpacho recipe by Marcello Tully. This unique recipe is somewhere in between chilled soup and a vodka shot

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