This delicious apricot stuffing recipe from Michellin starred chef Dominic Chapman will make your Christmas dinner all the more magical. The recipe makes enough to stuff a 6kg turkey, but apricot stuffing is also fantastic to have on the side of other meats for other holidays and family get-togethers. This recipe is simple to make, and you can freeze the stuffing ahead of time, allowing you to focus on other parts of the meal

If you like you can make the stuffing beforehand. It can be frozen a couple of weeks ahead of use
To make the stuffing, bring the apricots to the boil in the brandy and a splash of water then leave to soak until softened. Drain off liquid and dice apricots
Combine all the remaining stuffing ingredients with the apricots, correct the seasoning and chill (or freeze in a lidded container until needed). Defrost over night in the fridge before using
Use to stuff the neck of a 6kg turkey before roasting
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Apricot stuffing can be a delicious side to a number of different roasts. Dominic Chapman's apricot stuffing recipe contains brandy for an extra flavourful kick

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