How to prepare an artichoke


How to prepare an artichoke

Globe artichokes are a little bit fiddly to prepare and will need time and commitment but once you have mastered this technique, you will reap the rewards from this delicious vegetable.

Have a container of acidulated water ready for the artichoke bottoms to prevent discolouration. Also, you may want to wear latex gloves to prevent the artichokes from staining your hands.


Trim the stem to roughly 5cm
Snap off the outer leaves until the pale yellow centre leaves are revealed
Using a peeler, remove any remaining hard outer leaves from the artichoke
Cut the across the top of the artichoke heart to reveal the ‘choke’ – this is the hairy part in the middle
Take a spoon, scoop the choke out and discard
Cook immediately to avoid oxidisation and discoloration

Serving suggestions

Once you are an expert in artichoke preparation why not have a go at Martin Wishart's Artichoke barigoule or Marcus Wareing's Queen Anne's artichoke tart.