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Peter's Yard

A taste of Scandinavia with Peter's Yard

Peter’s Yard are committed to bringing you the most delicious, distinctly different “Swedish bakery favourites”.

The original mission of the founders of Peter’s Yard was to discover the best Swedish bakeries and bring some of their favourite bread, cakes and biscuits back to the UK. However, not long after their journey of discovery had begun, they came across Peter Ljunquist’s Swedish bakery, Peter’s Yard and the delicious crispbread (knäckebröd). In an instant, their plans changed and they set up a business to bring the authentically Swedish crispbread to the UK.

Peter's Yard uses naturally fermenting sourdough, Shipton Mill organic flour and the very best, natural ingredients available to further improve the deliciousness of the crispbread. Their quirky look and feel, awards and word of mouth quickly raised their profile as Michelin-starred chefs started to select them for their restaurants.

After a cautious start, production has grown fifty-fold, as demand increases from food lovers who claim to be “addicted” to their crisp texture and subtle flavour.

Not happy to rest on their laurels, Peter’s Yard are still committed to keep visiting the best Swedish bakeries in order to bring you more delicious, distinctly different “Swedish bakery favourites”, so watch this space!

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