Making Josh Eggleton's Venison Burgers

By Chris Osburn •

With a long Bank Holiday and summer on the horizon, our thoughts turn to barbecues. With so many good home made burger recipes around, why should we buy them ready made from the shops?  Great British Chefs blogger Chris Osburn tried his hand at making put Josh Eggleton from The Pony & Trap's tasty venison burgers.  Let's see how he got on ....  

Blog post & photography by Chris Osburn 

Aside from the joy of eating something yummy that I actually cooked from scratch myself, there were a couple of aspects about Josh Eggleton's homemade venison burger recipe that I really liked. 


One, the recipe showed how quick and easy it is to make my own pickled cucumbers. I always reckoned it was a pretty basic process but also assumed it would be time consuming and that I'd have to wait aeons before getting to eat my 'tanged' up cucumbers. Well, yes there certainly are those types of pickling recipes out there. But the essentially two-step pickling instructions Josh lays out for his burger take hardly any time at all and can be done very easily while going about completing the rest of this simple recipe.


I was pleased with the results of my having a go at the pickles alone and continued nibbling on them for quite awhile after frying up the burgers. I'm all about DIY pickles now and hope to find a chance soon to ferment all sorts of other things. I'll probably even try one of those 'wait aeons' recipes. Yay.


The other thing I thought was so cool about making these burgers was that they had a robust and intriguing flavour. The minced bacon, the cumin, lots of coriander and parsley made for a bit of an exotic blend and gave the meat patties some flair without masking what makes venison so tasty.

I'd recommend trying these burgers or your own variant of them at your next barbecue. But don't tell anybody they're venison. I think it would be fun to see what people think they're eating and if anyone could guess it was venison upon first bite. I'm sure all would agree these are a lot more interesting than the everyday ordinary beef burgers we've all become accustomed to.

As simple and delicious as these burgers are to make, there are a few things to consider before deciding to serve them. Obviously, venison isn't something you can easily find to the same extent as beef. Make sure you know where to get yours well ahead of time. I had to scramble to find venison when what I thought was a reliable source fell through.


Also, the recipe calls for four slices of streaky bacon, minced. Unless you've got your own mincer this might prove difficult to come up with. I simply diced my bacon into tiny chunks and was more than pleased with the texture and flavour it added to the burgers.


One hundred grams of parsley and another hundred of coriander seemed like a lot to add to the recipe's 720 grams of meat. It ended up tasting absolutely wonderful, but I found it a little challenging to form the sort of patties I'd hoped for without much green sticking out of them. Practice makes perfect I suppose … and this means more opportunities to eat these gorgeous burgers.

Will I make these bad boys again? Oh yes. And I'm definitely taking my own advice and doing up some patties next time there's a barbecue to attend. 

Blog post & photography by Chris Osburn

Have you made your own burgers?  What are some of your favourite ingredients and seasonings to add to them? Let us know over on Great British Chefs Facebook page.


Definitely will try this as getting Venison in season is quite easy in Scotland. What buns did you use?
30 May 2012

Chris Osburn

Chris is a freelance writer and photographer, longtime blogger and avid foodie. Originally from the American deep south, he's worked all over the world and has called London home since 2001. He thinks the British dining scene is as dynamic and delicious as ever, but more and more seems to find his own kitchen to be the most exciting place to eat

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