Gammon, Apple and Potato One-Pan Bake

By Karen Burns-Booth •

This brilliantly simple gammon, apple and potato dish is packed with classic flavour combinations, and makes the perfect lazy lunch or light meal.

Gammon is such a versatile cut of meat, and I use it a lot in my cooking, as it makes a wonderful ingredient for tasty and nutritious family suppers, breakfast and brunches. One of my favourite gammon “cuts” is the gammon steak. These are so easy to use and prepare in numerous recipes, from grilled Gammon and Pineapple, beloved of all pub menus, to Pies and Stir-Fries, and they always make a flavourful and tasty meal.

One of the best things about gammon and gammon steaks in particular, is their versatility and ease for a quick mid-week supper (or weekend brunch) dish; a comforting family meal can be made effortlessly and be on the table in under an hour with just three ingredients, gammon steaks, apples and potatoes, as in my latest recipe for Gammon, Apple and Potato One-Pan “Bake”. This is a dream of a recipe that is filling and easy to cook after a long day at work.

It’s also a fabulously frugal recipe that won’t break the bank, and is wonderful when served with fried eggs, salad, crusty bread and/or spring greens. I calculated that this meal came in at just under £1 a head the last time I made it, which has to be good for the family weekly meals budget. Whereas you may normally serve one gammon steak per person, well for adults anyway, this recipe uses “strips” of gammon steak to add to the potatoes and apples, therefore using less than usual, and leaving more gammon for another meal. 

I used smoked gammon in this recipe, as we all loved smoked ham, gammon and bacon, but you can of course use “green” gammon (unsmoked gammon, not the colour) in this recipe if your family prefers it. I used a selection of apples (Russet and Coxes Orange Pippins) and new potatoes, and I didn’t peel either of them, so you also gain extra vitamins and texture in the apples and spuds, as well as colour. This is a fabulous recipe to make with beautiful home-reared British pork and I hope you all enjoy is as much as we did when we had it for a weekend brunch, with fried eggs and toast the other day.

Gammon, Apple and Potato One-Pan "Bake"

(Serves 4)


400g gammon steaks, cut into strips
6 eating apples, cored and cut into wedges, no need to peel
600g new potatoes, cut into small cubes, no need to peel
A little butter


1. Pre-heat oven to 200C/400F/Gas 6.

2. Add a little butter to a large roasting tin, then add the potato cubes. Bake for 25 to 30 minutes before adding the gammon strips and apple pieces, baking for a further 10 to 15 minutes, or until the apples and potatoes are soft and golden brown, and the gammon is cooked and lightly browned.

3. Serve immediately on warm plates with fried eggs, salad or seasonal greens and crusty bread.

For more gammon recipes visit Love Pork's website.  You can also download a Glorious Gammon recipe booklet with more dishes from award winning chefs and food bloggers from Great British Chefs. 



Karen Burns-Booth

Karen Burns-Booth is creative freelance food writer & blogger. Her love of seasonal food & recipes stems from her childhood observing her grandmother and mother’s cookery skills. A regular contributor in Country Kitchen magazine, she currently writes for numerous other publications, food, travel and tourism websites and has several recipes in print in compilation cookbooks. She is currently working on a Historical British Cookbook.

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