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At Great British Chefs we believe cooking is an essential skill all children should learn. As part of our Cooking with Kids campaign we wanted to find out whether kids around the UK are getting into the kitchen and what they are cooking.  We asked over 1300 parents questions about cooking with their kids and uncovered some fascinating results. 

You'll find the full results of our Cooking with Kids survey here, but before you delve into that, the graphic below highlights some of the most interesting (and sometimes surprising) answers from parents.  It's encouraging that 75% of children love being in the kitchen and often ask to cook.  Good news too, is that if you have kids who are fussy eaters, getting them cooking could be the answer.  84% of parents say that cooking makes their children more likely to try different food types.

We were pleased to learn that kids are cooking more that we initially thought.  50% of parents said their children cook on a weekly basis, with 17% cooking on a daily basis.  However, it looks like they're cooking the wrong things.  Only 39% of children had ever made a salad, whereas 90% had made cakes or desserts! 

It looks as though Dads could be of more help in getting kids into the kitchen.  Only 7% of the parents asked said their father had the greatest influence on teaching them to cook. We hope this is a generational thing and that if we ran this survey in the future Dads will be a much greater influence.

View more in the graphic below and click on this for our full survey results.  There you'll find a fuller infographic on which dishes children are cooking, how often they make breakfast or even Sunday roast!  You'll also discover what motivates children when it comes to cookery?  Do they get cooking on rainy days or over the holidays? What cookery TV shows (if any) are influencing them?  How often are they cooking at school?  Does this encourage them to cook more at home?   

Click to get our full Cooking with Kids survey results

We'd like to thank all of the parents who took part in our survey and hope that recipes and ideas in our kids recipes collection will inspire you to your kids into the kitchen.

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