Andrew Sheridan's intimate restaurant at Birmingham's International Convention Centre is a delicious, immersive and multi-sensory storytelling of his career to date.
8 Centenary Square
B1 2EA
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    The ICC, 8 Centenary Square, UK, Birmingham, B1 2EA
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    Eight courses, served in a single sitting starting at 8pm around an open kitchen with enough seats for eight couples, for £88. The address of The ICC, where the restaurant is based, is even 8 Centenary Square. You certainly can’t fault the commitment to the theme at Andrew Sheridan’s intimate restaurant, where he takes people on the culinary journey of his career so far. In the wrong hands the concept could fall into the world of pretension and gimmicks, but Andrew’s incredible cooking ensures each service is sleek, exciting and, of course, delicious.

    The restaurant itself boasts one of the boldest designs you’ll come across. Infinity mirrors, neon lighting, screens playing videos that accompany each course – the result is an interior that’s a world away from muted fine dining traditions and more modern industrial, casual table settings. Instead, it’s something that’s just as unique as the food on offer. With only 16 seats surrounding the kitchen area all eyes are on the action, which is given a surreal slant thanks to the optical illusion-like mirrors and lights. It really is an out-of-this-world experience.

    There’s only one tasting menu served, comprised of eight courses which represent snippets or moments of Andrew’s life and career so far. The dish titles are abstract and there to keep guests guessing – ‘Eight Days A Week’ refers to The Beatles song of the same name and the fact that Andrew was born in Liverpool, while ‘8-10-2006’ is a pre-dessert named after the date Andrew stepped into a professional kitchen for the first time. This is not a menu you want to read up about and study in detail before your booking; the element of surprise and wonder is a part of what makes 8 so exciting.

    While the menu remains the same throughout the year, the dishes themselves change and evolve; ‘Eight Days A Week’ might be a scallop and apple or a crab and apple dish depending on the season, while ‘8-10-2006’ could be based around a carrot cake or a lemon drizzle cake (the first thing Andrew learnt to cook as a chef). 'Resurrection' – the showstopping Wellington dish – could be lamb or venison. This ensures Andrew and his team can continue to tweak the menu and work with the seasons whilst staying true to the immersive theme of the restaurant itself. To go with the food is an optional drinks pairing created by Andrew himself, which goes beyond the normal wine flights and includes cocktails and non-alcoholic options too.

    A meal at 8 really is an immersive, interactive, theatrical, multi-sensory night out – but of course, it’s the food on the plate which takes centre stage. As Andrew and his team prepare, plate and introduce each course, all eyes are on the dishes. The lights, mirrors and screens are there to accentuate rather than distract, making 8 one of the most exciting restaurants in Birmingham’s already thriving food scene.

    Three things you should know
    8 is situated in Craft Dining Rooms, a much larger restaurant also in The ICC which Andrew oversees. Diners enter 8 via a lit door with a clock above which counts down to 8pm.
    Each table setting is lit with its own spotlight to contrast with the coloured neons that flood the rest of the dining room.
    Andrew and his team are there to talk to the diners about what they're eating and make each evening as interactive as possible.
    The ICC, 8 Centenary Square, UK, Birmingham, B1 2EA
    0333 772 9329
    Restaurant reservations