Cured fennel scallop tartare


Serving scallops in their raw form is one of the best ways to showcase their incredible natural sweetness. Here, Amy Elles dices scallop and combines it with cucumber and cured fennel to make a tartare, which is presented in the shells alongside a tomato consommé for an elegant but fantastically fresh starter

First published in 2023





Tomato consommé

Cured fennel

To serve



Mix all the ingredients for the cured fennel except for the fennel with some salt and 50g water. Whisk until the salt and sugar have dissolved. Add the diced fennel and leave to cure overnight


Blend the tomatoes with a pinch of salt. Line a bowl with a clean, dry tea towel and add the tomato mixture to the centre. Gather up and tie the ends of the towel so that the tomato pulp is sealed inside


Either hang the tomato pulp over the bowl and let it drip out naturally overnight or squeeze it by hand to produce a clear tomato consommé. Allowing the liquid to drip out overnight will produce the clearest liquid, but gently squeezing the tomato liquid out will work as well


Once the fennel is cured, remove the scallops from the shell. Clean the shells very thoroughly, as these will be used to serve the scallop tartare. Remove the scallop roe and set aside for another dish, then clean the scallop thoroughly


Dice the scallop meat and mix with the lime juice and a pinch of salt. Gently mix to combine and let cure in the fridge for 10-20 minutes, depending on your taste and the size of the dice


Spoon a little scallop tartare, cured fennel and cucumber in each scallop shell. Squeeze over some extra lime juice and pour in the tomato consommé. Eat straight away, garnished with edible flowers

First published in 2023

Having started her career at Harrods, Amy Elles has gone on to cook around the world. She celebrates seasonal Scottish produce through her events catering company Stocks Events and Fife restaurant The Harbour Café.

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