Calamar kru con salsa de mantequilla (buttered raw squid with lime)

In this delicate starter dish from chef Dani Carnero, raw squid is mixed with melted butter and lime juice, and served garnished with a sliver of caper berry. Make sure to use extremely fresh squid, as it will be eaten raw.

First published in 2023






Clean the squid, and prepare the body of the squid, discarding the beak, innards, quill and the purple outer membrane. Set the tentacles aside for another recipe. Cut the squid body into rings


Mix the squid rings with lime, butter and some salt. Serve each portion of squid topped with a piece of caper berry

First published in 2023

Dani Carnero began his career working in some of Spain’s greatest kitchens, including under Ferran Adrià at El Bulli and has since gone on to open a number of restaurants of his own in Málaga, including the Michelin-starred Kaleja. There, he aims to showcase the traditional cookery style of Málaga, using the exquisite local produce to do so.

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