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How to skin and portion a fillet of cod

by Great British Chefs22 May 2015

How to skin and portion a fillet of cod

In this video, Nathan Outlaw shows how to skin and portion a fillet of cod so it is ready for cooking.


Place the cod fillet skin-side down on a chopping board and cut down the middle of the fish on one side of the pin bones
Make a small incision at the tail end of one of the fillets and cut to the skin
Hold the skin firmly and, using a very sharp knife, slide along the fillet towards the head end to remove the skin
Carefully cut the pin bones from the remaining fillet then repeat the skinning process
Cut the fish into 4 pieces


Once you have mastered this technique, why not have a go at Nathan Outlaw's Fish and chips with tartare sauce or Josh Eggleton's Traditional fish and chips.

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