How to make a bois boudran sauce

How to make a bois boudran sauce

The origin of this sauce is unclear, however, it is sometimes attributed to the Roux brothers. Quick and easy to make, it is a delicious accompaniment to steak and scotch eggs as Galton Blackiston demonstrates.



Mix the ketchup, rapeseed oil and vinegar in a bowl
Peel and quarter the tomatoes and remove the seeds. Discard the seeds and dice the tomato
Finely slice the tarragon and chives. Add the herbs to the bowl along with the tomatoes, shallots and Worcestershire sauce
Add the Tabasco and season with salt and pepper to taste. You can add more Tabasco if you prefer it hotter

Serving suggestions

Try serving this sauce with Josh Eggleton's Rib-eye steak or Richard Corrigan's Hand-chopped rump steak burger with peppered bone marrow. Galton Blackiston serves his bois boudran sauce with Scotch eggs.