How to cook lobster sous vide

How to cook lobster sous vide

How to cook lobster sous vide

Lobster is an expensive ingredient and requires careful cooking for the best results. Cooking the lobster sous vide ensures a soft texture and locks in the flavour. Only buy lobsters from reputable fishmongers and check that they are alive before buying.

Preheat the water bath to 55°C
Bring a large pan of salted water to the boil
Kill the lobster by driving a knife between the eyes and through the head
Remove the head and separate the claws from the body
Drop the claws and tail into the boiling water and cook the tail for 1 minute and the claws for 2 minutes then refresh in iced water
Carefully remove the lobster tail and claws from the shell and place into separate sous vide bags with a dash of olive oil. Seal the bags under pressure
Place the bags in the preheated water bath to cook for 35 minutes
Remove the lobster from the bag, pat dry with kitchen paper and serve immediately


For a richer flavour, add butter to the bag with the lobster instead of oil, or better yet use a beurre noisette – the nutty flavour will complement the lobster perfectly.

You could also try adding a little shellfish stock to the bag for an extra flavour boost, or a glug of brandy will give an interesting finish.

Another flavour that would work well in the bag with the lobster is vanilla; it's an expensive addition but the sweetness brings out an extra dimension in the lobster.

Serving suggestions

Try William Drabble’s Warm salad of lobster with truffle oil or Shaun Hill’s Lobster with chickpea and coriander sauce.

You could also use this cooking method for dishes such as Kevin Mangeolles Lobster tortellini or Robert Thompson’s Lobster and cep cannelloni.