How to cook brill sous vide

How to cook brill sous vide

How to cook brill sous vide

by Great British Chefs15 October 2015

Brill is a tasty white fish not dissimilar to turbot which benefits from being cooked sous vide as the slow cooking time and low temperature ensure a perfectly cooked, juicy piece of fish. Brill has a delicate flavour and is best paired with just a few simple ingredients so as not to be overpowered.

Preheat the water bath to 48°C
Cut the brill into individual portions
Season with salt, add to a vacuum bag with a little vegetable oil and seal
Place the bag in the waterbacth to cook for 35 minutes
Remove the fish from the bag and dry on kitchen paper
The fish is now ready to be served but can also be quickly pan-fried or grilled to warm through


For a richer tasting fish, swap the oil for butter and add a slice of lemon zest.

Adding a seaweed to the bag such as nori or kombu will give the brill a real flavour boost.

Serving suggestions

Simon Hulstone serves a his Fillet of brill in a decadent lobster sauce while Luke Holder’s Brill, English peas, heritage tomatoes and farfalle makes a delicious, light, summer meal.

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