Great British Bake Off, 2013 - Highlights

Great British Bake Off, 2013 - Highlights

by Urvashi Roe 25 October 2013

There were tears, salty custards, never has an amateur baking contest been taken so seriously! Ten weeks of baking came to a head this week for the much anticipated Great British Bake Off final. Did Sue Perkins have you cancelling plans? Did you have Twitter on hand to microblog your delight or frustrations? Unashamedly, I did all of the above!

Urvashi finds food, baking, cooking and eating a therapeutic relief from every day work and family life.

Urvashi finds food, baking, cooking and eating a therapeutic relief from every day work and family life.

I for one, was delighted to see Frances crowned as the winner, after all we do eat with our eyes! Unfortunately that’s all we can do from the comfort of our living rooms. Here are some highlights of the series.

Week One. Cakes

Paul and Mary took the pressure of contestant and began the ten week assault course with a simple cake theme. Featured is Josh Eggleton's lovely chocolate and peanut mousse cake with gingerbread ice cream. You could also try out Marcus Wareing's pineapple upside down cake with spiced rum caramel.

Week Two. Bread.

Who thought breadsticks would be easy to make? Try Alyn Williams’ bacon breadsticks, a perfect combination of smoked bacon and salty parmesan! Make a comforting snack with Graham Campbell’s pizza breads. At least you know you won't have Mr Hollywood questioning your proving methods!

Week Three. Desserts, hmm my favourite.

Ohh Paul and Mary certainly tested the bakers this week, the remaining bakers showcased their multi platform baking skills with a layered trifle. Try Paul Heathcote's beautiful raspberry trifle, or Mark Dodson's easy peasy mixed berry trifle!

Week Four. Pies and Tarts

Who doesn’t love a good tart? The fear of soggy bottoms was once more, wafting through the GBBO tent. Custard caused problems yet again… Have a bash at Marcus Wareing’s custard tart, if it's good enough for the Queen, it's most certainly good enough for you!

Week Five. Biscuits and Traybakes

When I think of traybakes, one word springs to mind.. brownies! Not blondies, or any other fancy name, just a good ol’ fashioned brownie. Try Nathan Outlaw’s gooey bundles of joy for the most pleasurable experience! Oh, I do love a good biscuit, Adam Stokes’ vanilla short bread look like the most perfect dunking biscuits. Bring a bit of spice back into your life with your own ginger snaps - Josh Eggleton's recipe is ideal!

Week Six. Sweet dough

Sweet dough can often turn into a bittersweet experience when you’ve got Paul breathing down your neck. Seek comfort in your kitchen, by baking Simon Rogan’s spiced brioche with buckthorn curd for an unusual petit four.

Week Seven. Pastry

With only six bakers left, Paul and Mary definitely upped the ante with pastry! The bakers transformed suet from a dreaded nightmare to an ingredient we all can’t wait to cook with, although, Paul it's not strictly pastry! Do you remember those fancy nun choux pastries in episode 7? Try Martin Wishart's savoury choux buns (I promise you won't feel guilty for consuming holy figurines and for the excess calories!)

Quarter Final – Wheat and Gluten free.

How do you cope with unconventional flavours, do you like to challenge your creativity? Plain flour, who needs it, try baking with spelt or hemp for a certain type of high! Try Adam Gray's flourless lemon cake, or Shaun Rankin's chocolate orange pudding, YUM!

Semi Final. French Week

Four bakers left, and there was just France and a few pastries between them, and a place in the final! Spark a bit of fire by having a go at Paul Heathcote's profiteroles with passion fruit cream. If you fancy a lightly baked cake to grace your palate, try Richard Corrigan's delightful lime and mascarpone soufflé.

The finals!

9.1 million people tuned into see Frances crowned as the winner of Great British Bake Off 2013. Mary and Paul challenged the bakers to make a wedding cake. Out of all things, a wedding cake? Bizarrely complimented by a savoury picnic pie? And pretzels? Confusion aside, don't be fooled, you don’t have to bake a wedding cake to showcase your creative baking brilliance, you can bake some macarons and still impress people!