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Esu Lee's guide to Paris in pictures

In pictures: Esu Lee's Paris

Pete Dreyer 08 March 2019

Take a stroll through some of the less well-trodden streets of Paris with Esu Lee – the phenom chef of C.A.M. Import Export in Paris – and discover some of the city's hottest new food and drink commodities. Photography by Elin Hörnfeldt.

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We all know what to expect from Paris – faultless French cooking, crusty baguettes with soft, pillowy innards, oysters on street corners, soft cheeses that ooze from the centre. What's not to love, right? Paris is the mecca of French food, but that's only a tiny fraction of what the French capital has to offer.

The city has always been a multicultural centre – Parisians have their roots across the globe, and the result is a culinary scene that takes influence from all over, from the Far East to the Americas. Not only that, but a new generation of Parisians – with this wide spectrum of influences under their belts – are busy ushering brand new culinary concepts into a city that has always been quite traditional. The results are intriguing – French foundations with exciting new ideas built atop them – and that blend of old and new makes Paris an exciting place to be right now.

Esu Lee is, without question, one of the most exhilarating chefs in Paris – a perfect example of the new wave that is taking the city by storm. Tables at his restaurant C.A.M. Import Export in trendy Le Marais have quickly become some of the most in demand in Paris, with Parisians lapping up his fascinating dishes, built with heavy influence from his home of South Korea and his classic French cooking background.

We caught up with Esu on a rare day off in Paris, and he very kindly showed us some of his favourite hidden gems in the city. Scroll down for photos of our trip, and check out Esu's guide to Paris for a rundown of his favourite restaurants, bars, cafés and more.

Like the look of the new wave of Parisian restaurants? Get more info on the places we visited in our full guide.

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In pictures: Esu Lee's Paris


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