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Getting ready for Great British Bake Off - Essential baking equipment

Getting ready for Great British Bake Off - Essential baking equipment

by Great British Chefs 04 August 2015

Is your kitchen ready for the Great British Bake Off? Make sure you have all the essential equipment to impress the judges.

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With Great British Bake Off starting again, the UK is about to be whipped up into another baking frenzy. There are many gizmos and gadgets available for the novice and professional baker alike but sometimes its best to get back to basics. Equip your kitchen with the most essential of items and you will put yourself on the right track for baking success time and time again.

Fifteen essential utensils for baking:

1. Mixing bowl

Mixing bowl

The most basic of equipment but the most necessary is a mixing bowl; look for a deep bowl for incorporating as much air as possible

2. Spatula


Essential for scooping and scraping. The silicone heatproof type of spatula is the best as it can also be used for for jam making

3. Whisk


Best bet is two whisks, large and small for gentle folding and fierce whisking

4. Digital weighing scales

Digital weighing scales

Careful measurement of ingredients leads to successful cakes and pastries, the more precise the scales, the better

5. Measuring jug

Measuring jug

For quick measurement of liquids, jugs are also useful for pouring batters and custard

6.Rolling pin

Rolling pin

Whether you choose a weighted one or the non-moving French type, the heavier the rolling pin the better

7. Stand mixer

Stand mixer

Stand mixers are expensive but essential for the avid home baker

8. Sieve


Whether sifting flour or straining compotes, sieves are always handy

9. Pastry brush

Pastry brush

A pastry brush is a multi-use tool for egg-washing, buttering, glazing etc. and great for sweeping away excess flour

10. Wooden spoon

Measuring spoon

A wooden spoon is a trusty staple for stirring, mixing and beating

11. Piping nozzles

Piping nozzels

Useful for filling and decorating cakes, making macarons and also piping eclairs – piping nozzles are a must for pastry week!

12. Cooling rack

Cooling rack

You will need one of these to avoid ‘soggy bottoms’ in cake week

13. Cake tin

Cake tin

All shapes and sizes are handy for weird and wonderful European cakes but an 18cm sandwich tin is a good place to start

14. Palette knife

Palette knife

Not only useful for smoothing and frosting, palette knives can be used to lift cakes and biscuits from boards and tease cakes from tins

15. Metal skewer

Metal skewer

The best way to test whether a cake is cooked is to insert a skewer into the middle – if it comes out clean, the cake is cooked

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Getting ready for Great British Bake Off - Essential baking equipment


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