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Cookbook new releases: March

Cookbook new releases: March

by Izzy Burton 26 February 2016

Explore the best cookbooks due for release in March, from José Pizarro's homage to the Basque region to Will Torrent's celebration of the high-end high tea.

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Good Better Green by Zita Steyn

While some writers pack every last page of their books with recipes and twee little pictures of their flour-dusted kitchens, I prefer my cookbooks to spend the first ten or twenty pages hitting me with some solid information. Store cupboard essentials for their style of cooking, different varieties and properties of noodles . . . I'm not fussy, really, I just like more insight into the writer and their recipes than some pictures of laughing models eating poached eggs. In Good Better Green Zita Steyn does me proud, running through her so-called 'green champions' in great detail and including flavour profiles for various herbs and vegetables – perfect if you're coming to the book with the best of intentions but rather limited knowledge of aquatic greens and unusual brassicas. The concept of the book is a simple one: to encourage the reader to introduce more greens into their diet. There are plenty of handy sauces and dips to try (what better way of getting more nutrients into your diet than as a tasty accompaniment to a larger meal?), tempting, vibrant salads and some baking ideas – cabbage cake, anyone? – which are bound to prove a talking point.

Basque by José Pizarro

José Pizarro is known as the man who keeps Londoners fed with some of the finest Spanish food in the capital in his small empire of consistently excellent tapas bars and restaurants. In his third book, Basque, Pizarro transports us all to Spain, with a colourful collection of recipes focussed predominantly on the Basque region and San Sebastián, its foodie capital. Beautifully designed, shot and laid out with photos of local landscapes and people sandwiched between enticing pictures of dishes and ingredients, while dishes such as Pork chops with white bean purée and Spinach, blue cheese and pine nut empanadas bring the delights of the region to the reader Pizarro does not hide his other intention, of coaxing the reader to Spain to try it for themselves, too.

Everyday Delicious by Izy Hossack

Oh, Izy Hossack. Twenty year old Izy Hossack. She's the girl you want to hate (with the seething bitterness only being several years older and considerably less successful can produce) but you can't because her recipes are just so damn tasty. In actual fact, I only have respect for her – her writing is charming and the cookbook beautifully shot, packed full of ideas I can genuinely see myself making. There's an interesting blend of culinary influences, with Sweet and sticky pork with soba noodles nestled between Chicken tacos, Pork ragù and Caramelised pie crust s'mores.

Afternoon Tea at Home by Will Torrent

I'll admit, when this first came across my desk I raised my eyebrows a little. More cakes? Just what the average bookshelf needs! On closer inspection, however, I realised that I was wrong to be snooty, and Will Torrent's Afternoon Tea at Home is far more than that. It's a celebration of the tradition of afternoon tea in all its dainty glory, with guest recipes from high tea behemoths including Harrods, the Ritz and the Dorchester a particularly special touch. Discover recipes for classic fruit scones, curds and sandwiches alongside more innovative offerings – think Dark chocolate and yuzu teacakes, éclairs stuffed with crab mayonnaise and Kirsch-laced Black Forest fondant fancies.

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11th February: Afternoon Tea at Home – Will Torrent (Ryland Peters and Small, 2016)

10th March: Good Better Green – Zita Steyn (Quadrille, 2016)

24th March: Everyday Delicious – Izy Hossack (Hardie Grant, 2016)

25th March: Basque – José Pizarro (Hardie Grant, 2016)

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Cookbook new releases: March


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