by Great British Chefs 16 November 2021

Made by a group of friends to share around a table of good food, these Spanish wines are perfect for any occasion.

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There are few things in life which bring people together more than food and drink. When those you love are sat around the table together, enjoying a meal paired with a wine to everyone’s tastes, they’re sharing a moment. It’s these moments that are at the heart of Beronia wines. Born from a passion for sharing quality food and wine with friends and loved ones, Beronia’s versatile range offers something to please every palate and pairs brilliantly with all kinds of dishes, making them the ultimate wine to serve at any gathering.

Below you'll find articles and recipes that celebrate everything Beronia – giving you inspiration on what to cook and eat alongside a glass to the stories and origins of this very special winery.

Beronia: the story

What do you do when you can't find the wine you like to drink? If you're anything like Beronia's founders, you simply start making your own. Discover the origin story of this incredible winery and how it has taken the world by storm in just a few short decades.

Spanish flavour

A sip of sustainability

Beronia's wines don't just taste great; they're produced using cutting-edge tech which ensures the process is as sustainable as possible. Take a look at the incredible Ollauri winery to see what we mean.