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Great British Chefs White Paper: appliances and cook’s tools

Great British Chefs White Paper: appliances and cook’s tools

by Great British Chefs 17 March 2017

Smokers, pizza stones, wasabi graters – the average British foodie has an arsenal of tools and appliances at their disposal to cook a wide range of gourmet dishes. We found out just how gadget-greedy they are in our huge foodie survey.

At the start of 2017, Great British Chefs completed a deep dive into the world of foodies. A survey was completed by 5,361 UK-based people who agreed with the statement, ‘Would you describe yourself as a foodie?’ A full White Paper was published in late February (which you can read more about here) but with the size of our sample we were able to dig into specific areas – which is exactly what we’ve done.

While the original White Paper looked at every aspect of a foodie’s cooking and eating habits, this one focuses on the tools and appliances they own. From slow cookers and stand mixers to ravioli cutters and wasabi graters, we uncovered some incredibly interesting statistics when it comes to kitchen kit.

The average foodie owns fourteen electrical appliances and twelve cook’s tools, and it’s clear they think it’s worth investing in specific appliances to get quality results. They own stand mixers for perfect cakes, meat thermometers for precision cooking and smokers for that home-smoked taste. They also have a wide range of tools that include everything from sugar thermometers and potato ricers to pizza stones and spiralisers.

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Making food look good is incredibly important to foodies, as their kit suggests. Palette knives (79%), piping bags (76%), ring moulds (50%) and cake icing smoothers (41%) are particularly popular, which suggests the presentation techniques they’ve seen in restaurants or on TV are inspiring home cooks to give their food the Michelin star treatment in their own kitchens.

We also looked at what appliances foodies like to show off and keep on display, how certain foodies tend to own a particular set of tools depending on what type of cook they are and whether there’s a difference between male and female foodies. There’s also regional trends, lists of the most popular pieces of kit and a look at how this shapes the modern foodie as a whole.

So, whether you’re looking for hard stats or just want to see how your kitchen cupboards stack up against other foodies’, click the link to download our White Paper for free.

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Great British Chefs White Paper: appliances and cook’s tools


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