If you’re unable to get hold of a wooden frame for setting the Turkish Delight, you can use a similar-sized tin. If you are unable to get hold of Neige décor, use icing sugar mixed with an equal quantity of cornflour. This turkish delight recipe also requires a minimum of 8 days setting time, so make sure you start in plenty of time

Wrap a 19 x 19 x ½ cm wooden frame with cling film and put on a tray
Cut out a 19 x 19 cm sheet of silicon paper, put it in the base and dust it heavily with Neige décor
Mix the cornflour with 100ml of the water, add this to the caster sugar, remaining water and glucose syrup. Bring to a boil. Cook to a temperature of 121˚C. Remove the pan from the heat
Whisk in the rose petal essence, lemon juice and enough red food colouring to make a pink colour
Pour the mixture into the mould, dust the top with Neige décor and leave to cool. Leave to dry out for up to 14 days, with an 8 day minimum
When set and dried, cut into 8 x 12mm pieces and roll in Neige décor. Store in an airtight tin filled with Neige décor
Place on the plate, arrange neatly, and serve
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  • 300g of Neige décor
  • 24g of cornflour
  • 234ml of water
  • 183g of caster sugar
  • 67ml of glucose syrup
  • 24ml of rose petal essence
  • 1/2 lemon, juiced
  • 1 bottle of red food colouring


  1. Sugar thermometer
  2. Wooden frame 19 x 9 x ½ cm

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For all you lovers of Turkish delight, this is the recipe for you. Delight your friends and family over the festive period with this classic

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Not at all happy with this recipe - found it impossible to set/dry even rendering a shelf in airing cupboard for another 8 days and it still the consistency of a jam.

Please, if you found the same problem or found the method very good, add to this tweak your comments.
10 December 2013
Was very surprised at the quantity being so little to quite a bit of work that the recipe stated. I doubled all the above in first trying, still found the mix to be less than anticipated.

Will update when I am at the stage of cutting up. I may well have to do again as I planed boxing up, to give out as a Christmas homemade treat.
26 November 2013