Fish curry recipes balance salty seafood with fresh spices and herbs. This skate recipe is a quick and delightfully simple fish dish. Miso is traditionally made from fermented soy beans and brings an exciting dimension to this skate wings recipe from Geoffrey Smeddle, beautifully offset by the piquant chilli and warm ginger

Chop the coriander leaves and set aside. Finely grate the ginger
Bring the miso soup to a simmer then divide the liquid between two pans. Divide the ginger between the two pans
Place the fish into the first pan, adding the chilli rounds. Simmer very gently until the fish is just coming away from the central cartilage. This should take about six minutes. Do not allow it to cook too fast
Meanwhile, cook the beans in the other pan for four minutes. Split the heads of pak choi, add to the pan with the beans and simmer for a further two minutes
Turn off the heat under both pans. Lift the fish out of the liquid and place in serving bowls. Lift the vegetables out of the liquid and arrange over the fish
Scatter chopped coriander leaves over each bowl then spoon some of the cooking liquid over, making sure you get some chilli on each plate. Squeeze the lime juice over each dish and serve at once
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This elegant recipe is a beautiful way to prepare skate wings that takes no time at all. Skate wing is simmered in miso soup with chilli, ginger and coriander